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6It is true that there is no product too unique for Folgarelli’s Market but beyond that, we have products too unique for any other store. We have combined extensive experience, years of customer feedback, and consultations with gastronomical specialists into a line of Folgarelli’s specialty products. Some are recipes passed down from our founders, Fox and Marge Folgarelli, some just seemed to spring into life as our business grew, but all are guaranteed to give your taste buds a pleasant surprise.


Other Unique Products

Not all of our unique products are edible; you can show your local market loyalty wherever you travel with shirts, aprons, and other apparel. Out of town family and visitors to Traverse City will be delighted by the singular tastes only available through Folgarelli’s Market. And what better way to start a conversation with a fellow gastro-enthusiast than by donning your Folgarelli’s shirt?

The Perfect Wine for Every Occasion

34Looking for a great bottle of wine for your next party or event? Look no further. At Folgarelli’s we stock over 2000 wines to help ensure that you can find exactly what you are looking for. 

We know you will quickly find several new staples for your cupboard amongst our specialty items and by sending these products as gifts, you will both delight friends and family and help us spread our passion for old world gourmet food across the globe.

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