IMG_20150903_103717The history of Folgarelli’s Market traces back to Detroit in the 1940s. Boniface “Fox” Folgarelli was working with Lombardi Foods, a classic market in the Old World Italian style. He had grown up in the industry and spent his entire career with Lombardi until his retirement in 1976.

After retirement, Fox and his wife, Marge moved to Traverse City in order to be close to their daughter, Donna, and her family. Despite enjoying the beauties of Traverse City and the joys of his grandchildren, Fox missed the work he left back in Detroit. Since Traverse City lacked an old world market, Fox and Marge decided to fill that void. With the help of Donna’s family, they formed Folgarelli’s Market and Wine Shop in 1978.

Originally modeled after Lombardi’s traditional market feel, Folgarelli’s has gone through several changes since its founding but still retains the old world charm that has made it Northern Michigan’s cornerstone of old world, gourmet food, and wine. It still remains a family business in its third generation of family ownership. 

But don’t take our word for it, stop by and browse our selection of unique and hard to find foods. Our deli of meats and cheeses are impossible to resist and our seemingly endless shelves of ingredients are enough to make any foodie drool.

With so much to offer, we would never expect you to view it all on an empty stomach; our award winning sandwiches will give you the strength you need and hopefully some great ideas for the shopping basket. Browse our food section to shop online and learn more about our catering services.

Folgarelli’s has also become one of Northern Michigan’s premier wine retailers. More than just a corner of the market, Folgarelli’s Wine Shop is an entity unto itself. With a staff of experts and an inventory of over two thousand labels of hand selected wines, we can take care of all of your fine wine needs. Visit our wine section to learn more about our wine shop.

As if that isn’t enough, Folgarelli’s Market and Wine Shop caries plenty of unique items only available at our market. We also are experts at scouring the globe for that item you’ve spent years trying to hunt down. Head on over to our specialty items section to learn about our treasure hunting skills.

See you soon.

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